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Buying New Cars Online Safely!

New Citroen C4 Cactus DealsWe set the deal up for you at these special discounted prices and then you deal direct with the supplying Citroen dealership for complete peace of mind!

If you decide to buy your new car online here's a few tips to keep you safe:

Pay the deposit by Credit Card!
There is a law called the Credit Consumer Act which under Section 75 gives you some real protection if you use a credit card for 'online purchases'.
The good news is that you don't have to have paid the full purchase price by card, and in the case of a new car you can pay as little as just an initial £100+ deposit. Regardless of how you pay the balance you are then covered for virtually the full amount (max purchase = £30000).
For full info please search the internet or check with your local Trading Standards dept before commencing the purchase as there are rules and regulations to follow to ensure you are covered. NOTE: The deposit and balance must be paid to the same company who must also be the actual supplier of the vehicle to you - for example DON'T pay a credit card deposit to a broker then the balance to a dealer, or you won't be covered!

Distance Selling Directive
An EU ruling specifically to cover internet purchases and basically stating that as you have not bought 'face to face' you actually have additional protection that you wouldn't have if you'd bought in person! It gives you the right to cancel even after the car is delivered. (within 7 days). Again it's best to check online or with Trading Standards for full info although any supplying dealership should mention this in their paperwork confirmation to you.
Remember that it's only for non 'face-to-face' transactions, eg if you arranged the deal online or over the phone but then went into the dealership to pay the deposit you'd then have been 'face-to-face' and would automatically lose this legal protection. (although of course you may feel safer doing that anyway)

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You are also covered by the Sale of Goods Act of course and if you are buying on finance you have other legal protections including a cooling off right to cancel period - which the dealer or finance company must make you aware of at the time.

Check Your Supplier!
Google the company you intend using to see if there's any current complaints or concerns being raised by others.

Don't hesitate to give us a ring any time - we are not a car dealership and will NEVER try to sales talk you into any car!
Just friendly, no pressure information and then you can make your own mind up!

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