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New Citroen Deals and Offers for March 2015!

We set the deal up for you at these special discounted prices and then you deal direct with the supplying Citroen dealership for complete peace of mind!New Citroen DS3 Deals

These are brand new cars offered direct from Citroen main dealerships with you as the first registered keeper, UK supplied with full UK specification and warranty. Just a great deal at a great price with no drawbacks!
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As well as great discount offers on offer you can also usually take advantage of all the normal Citroen deals that may be on offer - low rate finance, free deposits, free servicing, part exchange bonuses and 0% finance!

Alternatively you may find that there's often extra cash discounts on certain models as long as they are currently in stock - limited choice but an absolute bargain!

Don't hesitate to give us a ring any time - we are not a car dealership and will NEVER try to sales talk you into any car!
Just friendly, no pressure information and then you can make your own mind up!

NOTE: You pay NO money to us at all - we receive a small variable commission from the supplying dealer once the transaction has been successfully completed to everyones satisfaction.

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