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New C3 Offers for April 2017

The massively improved new Citroen C3!

With new chunky styling and clever interior design this is a relatively small car with a ton of space inside!
It's been designed with driving pleasure in mind and features all the latest technology along with a superior build interior which delivers comfort and quietness!

TOUCH: Mica Cloth Seats - DAB Radio - Bluetooth - Lane Departure Warning System - Cruise Control - Tyre Pressure Monitor.
FEEL: As above plus 7 inch Touchscreen - Auto Air Con - Alloys - LEDs - Coloured Roof - Space Saver Spare - Mirror Screen with ApplePlay.
FLAIR: As above plus Airbump - Parking Sensors - Auto Lights and Wipers - ConnectedCAM Citroen - Foglights.

MOST POPULAR CURRENT MODEL: C3 BlueHDi Platinum 80+ mpg diesel

NOTE: Prices on this site are 'cash deals', offering the best discounts for a cash buy (part exchange welcome). You can however talk direct to the supplying Citroen dealership if you want to ask about any finance deals available.

C3 PureTech 68 Touch
petrol hatch 60.1 mpg
C3 PureTech 82 Touch
petrol hatch 60.1 mpg
C3 BlueHDi 75 S+S Touch
diesel hatch 80.7 mpg
C3 PureTech 68 Feel
petrol hatch 60.1 mpg
C3 PureTech 82 Feel
petrol hatch 60.1 mpg
C3 PureTech 110 S+S Feel
petrol hatch 61.4 mpg
C3 BlueHDi 75 S+S Feel
diesel hatch 78.5 mpg
C3 BlueHDi 100 S+S Feel
diesel hatch 76.3 mpg
C3 PureTech 82 Flair
petrol hatch 60.1 mpg
C3 PureTech 110 S+S Flair
petrol hatch 61.4 mpg
C3 BlueHDi 100 S+S Flair
diesel hatch 76.3 mpg

Best cash prices above but Citroen special deals are also available on our normal discount deals, which may suit you better.
Click on the above cars for more details.

Contact us direct for cash deals by phone or email form enquiry, but for finance quotes please contact the Citroen dealership direct.
Call 01332 386901 mon-fri 8am-4pm
Citroen C3 Colour Range:

C3 Colour Range

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